Keeping university and college micro-communities safe from COVID-19

A free dashboard resource is fueling proactive, data-driven decision-making for a safer return to campus.

As pandemic continues, reforecasting a priority for finance teams

5 tips from a higher ed financial software executive on reforecasting to address the “new normal” for colleges and universities

More flexible start dates a solution to declining higher ed enrollment rates

The pandemic should have led to more students going back to college. It didn’t—and the academy’s inflexibility may be why. 

Managing college students’ COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

With nearly half of students in one university's survey saying they would not get vaccinated, or aren't sure if they would, a marketing professor offers ideas for administrators to help more students make the best decision for public health.

Balancing act: Evaluating the financial impact of declining enrollment and COVID-19

Higher education leaders must deal with the challenges of today while still planning for the future.

Discovering science wonders right in our own backyard

University/museum partnerships benefit all parties and local communities, says the education school dean at Sacred Heart University, which recently took over management of the nearby Discovery Museum.

Rules of (alumni) engagement

An alumni engagement director offers advice on how to mobilize and inspire alumni during a crisis.

How to address the skills gap between higher ed and employers

Intensified by the pandemic and economic downturn, the higher ed and skills gap debate is missing critical technology-driven insights and cross-departmental collaboration discussion to begin to solve the issues confronting institutions.

7 technology and IT challenges in higher education

Here's how college and university leaders can embrace new solutions to overcome obstacles and increase efficiencies.

Why your campus should invest in mental and emotional wellness programs

Wellness programming—through positive psychology, mindfulness and self-compassion—is the missing puzzle piece to the college mental health crisis.

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