Academic advising must go (way) beyond graduation requirements

An industry leader offers perspective on how COVID-19 has raised the stakes for meaningful advisor-student planning.

Do the new Title IX regulations endanger students when off-campus?

Sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and sexual assault can all still be investigated and sanctioned as student code violations. But higher ed campus leaders should review and update non-Title IX student conduct code procedures to mirror the violations listed in their Title IX procedures.

COVID-19 can change everything—if we let it

The pandemic is changing the way higher education works—and we shouldn’t go back to our old ways. An attorney who represents higher ed institutions says: If you want to know why, just ask my seventh-grader.

Campus public safety demands inclusivity, too

To bolster support, university police should reflect the community’s diversity, says a public safety director. The levels of aid that officers provide requires understanding students on a nuanced level.

Why we can’t ignore college-based senior cohousing

Senior cohousing on campuses allows alumni to have a lifelong exchange with their alma maters and enhances the quality of life for the alumni as well as for students, families, friends and the institution itself—even during a pandemic.

The upside of uncertainty

A business school dean reflects on courageous leadership during the pandemic—being inspired, finding inner strength and using moral courage for ethical and sustainable decision-making, problem-solving and opportunity seeking.

A world collaborating needs its educators to do the same

Learn 2 simple ways in which educators can collaborate in order to properly prepare students for the future, whether teaching is being done in person or remotely.

Red planet rising: Is there life on campus in the post-pandemic?

The pandemic's economic impact has threatened small, private, liberal arts, tuition and discount-dependent colleges. But it may also provide an opportunity to reinvent and transform institutions into more sustainable higher learning enterprises.

Incorporating experiential learning programs in higher ed

Here's why hands-on learning is essential—and still possible in the world of remote learning.

Unleash your brand ambassadors for online education

Online learning is exploding and everyone at colleges, universities and trade schools is adapting. Here’s how leveraging brand ambassadors and testimonials can be a key differentiator to finding success and can set academic programs apart.

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