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Powering Higher Education: Partnership Transparency and Outcomes Report 2021

h1{display:none;}.post-content{max-width:1000px; left:0;} .sidebar, .author{display:none;} @media screen and ( max-width: 782px ) {.mobile-table{width:100% !important;} .mobile-table td{display:block !important; width:100% !important; float:none !important;}.mobile-iframe{top:0 !important;}} Transparency is important, especially in...

At Northern Illinois University, Shaping A Partnership To Fit

h1{font-family:"Source Serif Pro", serif !important; font-size: 60px !important;line-height: 1.05 !important; color: #075b81!important;} .author{display:none !important;} To deal with the twin challenges of making more of their...

How A Shift To Online Learning Set Up These Universities for Long-Term Success

h1{font-family:"Source Serif Pro", serif !important; font-size: 60px !important;line-height: 1.05 !important; color: #075b81!important;} .author{display:none !important;} The COVID-19 pandemic marked a turning point for higher ed, and...

Micro-Credentials: The New Enrollment Funnel for Tomorrow’s University

h1{font-family:"Source Serif Pro", serif !important; font-size: 60px !important;line-height: 1.05 !important; color: #075b81!important;} .author{display:none !important;} Stackable credentials—expandable qualifications, often parts of educational sequences—have become a critical...

3 things colleges should know as they prepare for the new normal

As colleges prepare for the fall, they must consider the requirements on vaccinations and masks as well as the tone they will set while restoring normalcy.

Your Guide to Creating a ContactlessCampus™

h1{display:none;}.post-content{max-width:1000px !important; left:0 !important;} .author{display:none;} Transitioning to a contactless campus is a challenge for many colleges and universities, requiring new thinking, tools, and technologies, as...

What is driving higher ed recruitment practices?

Today’s workforce expectations are prompting HR leaders to enhance the candidate experience, streamline the hiring process and promote value propositions, says UB HR columnist Carol Patton. And some leaders are thinking the unthinkable—accepting work experience as a substitute for a college degree.

4 ways to change the face of recruitment

With skilled employees in demand, today’s colleges and universities are driving recruiting by reexamining, and redefining, the hiring process, says Carol Patton, UB HR columnist.

UB op-ed: Job ads that attract the best and brightest

Effective employment notices should tell a story.

Transforming negative workers into helpful employees

Some employees complain constantly. You know the type. They grumble that the parking lot is too far away, that their workspace is smaller than...

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