Another small Christian college turns over the reins of its university in a merger

While students will enjoy a seamless transition, some faculty may be destined for the chopping block.

As of Tuesday Multnomah University will now be referred to as Multnomah Campus of Jessup University, after a recent merger announcement by the two Christian universities. Multnomah, located in Oregon, made the move after its leaders found “it was no longer financially feasible… to operate as an independent institution,” according to an FAQ on the merger.

Jessup University, located across state lines in California, calls the move a “merger of missions,” due to their “remarkably similar histories of equipping students to make positive impacts in their local communities and the world,” according to a press release.

The California-based institution said it is prepared to take on the fledgling university’s assets and liabilities. It is currently enjoying a six-year upswing in enrollment, according to data collected by College Viability from 2014 to 2021, as well as a 111% increase in endowment. Multnomah’s student enrollment is well below 1,000 students and $1 million in endowment as of 2021.

Instead of being left stranded, Multnomah’s students are automatically enrolled into Jessup’s curriculum, which enjoys more robust offerings in technology, mental health, healthcare and beyond. Moreover, tuition will remain the same. Students not interested in enrolling under Jessup have several teach-out options available to them.

While students will enjoy a seamless transition, some faculty may be in for the chopping block, according to the FAQ.

“The majority of faculty will remain, though some may have changes in their specific titles. Jessup values our faculty and their dedication and expertise. We are excited to better support our employees and we have made as little change to the faculty as possible though some of our beloved faculty will be reduced.”

Alcino Donadel
Alcino Donadel
Alcino Donadel is a UB staff writer and first-generation journalism graduate from the University of Florida. His beats have ranged from Gainesville's city development, music scene and regional little league sports divisions. He has triple citizenship from the U.S., Ecuador and Brazil.

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