Case study: Shawnee State’s data silos improvement plan

Leading the charge: Office of Institutional Research at Shawnee State University in Ohio

Phase 1 (recently completed)

The three-person office built relationships with the finance office, registrar and admissions office to better understand data concerns and determine where silos could be broken down.

Link to main story: Connecting data silos in higher ed

Progress: “Departments are contacting us for information, and we have better relationships with our key data guardians,” says Megan Bolter, institutional research analyst.

Phase 2 (in the works)

A new data governance committee will create an institutional data policy and procedure, and then review data requests that come in to provide assistance. “It isn’t our data,” Bolter says. “We just provide a single point for data requests to be handled.” 

Nancy Mann Jackson is an Alabama-based writer and a frequent contributor to UB.


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