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Matt Zalaznick

Grand Valley State University’s 600 tutors and mentors are working with teachers and school districts to align the tutoring with classroom instruction.
Several affinity groups, including one for employees of color, operate at Greenfield Community College to support the school's diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.
(AdobeStock/Karen Roach)
More colleges and universities have made SATs and ACTs optional since the COVID outbreak. (AdobeStock/panitan)
Roger Williams University will expand on its K-12 initiative to design and track new equity goals for Providence Public Schools (photo taken pre-COVID).
Mentorship programs at Holyoke Community College prioritize guiding students in career planning and transferring to four-year schools. These students are working in a campus microbiology lab.
Students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds view teachers of color favorably, and students of color perform better when they have teachers of color, teacher prep experts say, (AdobeStock/highwaystarz)
Strengthen alumni networks can provider wider job opportunities to students whose families aren't well connected to potential employers.
Students who were shifted to online learning were more likely to say their college experience had worsened during COVID. (GettyImages/Lorado)
Students at the University of Houston College of Medicine will get hands-on experience in promoting wellness and providing healthcare in underserved communities.
More than 90% of introductory course faculty reported teaching in an online or hybrid format, which is a "steep departure" from the 80% of introductory courses that are typically taught in-person. (GettyImages/FatCamera)
Diné College ramped up social media marketing in its successful efforts to maintain enrollment this spring.
Students deliver COVID vaccines at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
UC San Diego's vending machines distribute up to 2,000 COVID test kits a day. (Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego)
Le Moyne College runs a “quantitative thinking village” summer camps where Syracuse middle schoolers work on projects such as building robots and debugging computer programs.