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Matt Zalaznick

The COVID-19 pandemic had increased urgency behind establishing new regulations for distance learning in higher ed. (GettyImages/PeopleImages)
The number of graduate students who reported significant depression in 2020 doubled since a campus mental health survey done last year. (GettyImages/Caspar Benson)
First-generation college students are more concerned about paying fall semester tuition than are their classmates. (GettyImages/playb)
During this week’s move-in at McDaniel College, students reserved an arrival time and then remained in their cars as they checked in for fall the semester at the school’s stadium.
Students will remain in their cars when they check in to the University of Central Florida this summer.
Capital University's orientation leaders trained virtually this summer to move this year's Welcome Weekend for first-year students online.
More than half of graduates from the class of 2019 at nonprofit 4-year public and private colleges and universities had student loan debt. (GettyImages/Darren415)
Around 20% of Vermot college students said they might delay or cancel their enrollment plans for the fall semester if they had to take all or most classes online, a survey has found. (GettyImages/FatCamera)
More than 1,200 business leaders and university presidents have signed onto CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion to support HBCUs and make corporate hiring practices more inclusive. (GettyImages/Maskot)
Students at a growing number of colleges are being offering tuition discounts as their campuses continue with online learning amidst the COVID economic disruption. (GettyImages/urbazon)
Though campus career recruiting has slowed during COVID, 49% of business leaders surveyed online learning is now "better than" or "equal to" a traditional, on-campus college education. (GettyImages/fotosipsak)
Wayne State University created a remote computer lab that gives students at home access to advanced design software.
Advertised benefits and refunds and the ability to opt out of non-essential services are key elements of the Tution Payers Bill of Rights of coalition of consumer advocacy organizations released Wednesday. (GettyImages/DNY59)
The Community College Growth Engine Fund will invest in six college models that guide students onto career paths that will provide salaries above median-income levels.(GettyImages/Monty Rakusen)
Students whose course of study or academic success require access to campus can return in-person to College of the Holy Cross for the fully online fall semester. (Photo: College of the Holy Cross)
William & Mary may suspend the IT services of campus users who don't monitor their health with the university's mobile app or website tool.
Hip-hop pedagogy is an effective teaching approach because it transcends class, culture, and gender, and can be a catalyst for positive changes, an education professor says (GettyImages/caesargfx)
A class take place in a lecture hall in virBELA's virtual college campus.