Practical Strategies to Streamline Campus Construction and Renovation Projects

Date & Time: Thursday, June 13th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, learn some practical strategies to streamline campus construction and renovation projects both in the short- and long-term, so that institutions of any size can become nimbler, more efficient, and more proactive in their approach to these important initiatives.  

These features make 64 campuses the prettiest in the nation

The campuses on Architectural Digest's list represent schools that "stun across the board"—from dormitories to libraries to dining halls.

The Future Proof Campus: Taking A Data-Driven Approach to Facilities Investments

Date & Time: Thursday, May 23rd at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, learn more about how to gather the data needed to make wise facilities investments at any institution, how to optimize your facilities data, and how to take a data-driven approach to facilities improvements to ensure your campus is better prepared for the future.  *All attendees will be able to download the free eBook, “How to Use Asset Investment Planning for Capital Planning, Budgeting, and Asset Management.” 

Facility reinvestment, bogged by inflationary costs, manages upswing in 2024, report

Despite budget growth, pesky faculty shortages have led to higher rates of building deterioration and a higher prevalence of obvious leaks, failed or failing equipment, and a general repair decline, according to Gordian, a facility and construction management leader,

How intentional building design helps these colleges build community synergy

Building infrastructure that naturally positions a university to interact with the outside world shows an understanding of the needs and desires of the general public, says a Notre Dame museum director.

These colleges are making new campuses with old parts—and growing along the way

Colleges and universities nationwide are purchasing shacked up buildings and transforming them to increase their academic offerings, student perks and enrollment prospects.

These 3 states’ immigration struggles are spilling into higher ed. How are schools responding?

States facing a shortage of resources to support a yearlong influx of migrants are turning institutions' gymnasiums and shacked-up dorms to shoulder some of the weight. Responses from the schools and their communities have been mixed.

Why colleges are updating historic buildings to suit the modern student

According to a new survey by The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), 84% of its member institutions reported they plan to update or adapt their facilities over the next year.

Strike possible at University of Minnesota as service workers fight for higher wages

Teamsters push for better pay and working conditions, while the Twin Cities campus struggles to provide adequate food for students, with Lunchables offered as options.

Senate Republicans: Title IX proposals erase 50 years of progress

The Biden administration "has seized our nation's primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities," Republicans write.

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