Student Safety Given Priority At University of Michigan After Sex Assaults

On a hot, busy Friday as thousands of students settled into their new homes for the academic year, the police chiefs of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan were handing out public safety literature.

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When Law Takes Effect, Guns Will Be Legal On University of Wisconsin Campuses, But Not In Buildings

Come November, Badger fans may tailgate while armed but will still be forbidden from bringing their guns inside stadiums, classrooms or any other buildings at the flagship UW-Madison campus and the University of Wisconsin System's 26 campuses statewide, officials confirmed Thursday.

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A Lesson Plan on Bed Bug Infestations

Critical steps for avoiding major complications


Everyone has heard that bed bugs are on the rise, and there is no end in sight. These invasive parasites bring a host of serious complications, and the unfortunate truth is that many educational facility personnel are not recognizing the potential threat they are facing.

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The tornadoes that ripped across the South in April devastated everything in their paths. Some institutions had to close their doors before semester’s end.

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After the murder of their daughter in her residence hall room in 1986, Howard (now deceased) and Connie Clery pushed for a federal law to strengthen campus crime awareness and personal safety. November 8 marked the 20th year for the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. All colleges and universities receiving federal funds must disclose crime statistics under the law, which continues to evolve.

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Leaders at Arizona higher ed institutions have been maintaining proactive responses to concerns about whether their policies may change as a result of SB 1070, a new law that makes it a crime to be in Arizona without legal immigration status.

A Closer Look at Accreditation Standards

Here is a glance at what a campus law enforcement agency pursuing accreditation through a national organization can expect. The publications Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies, 5th Edition, and CALEA Process and Programs Guide, provide more details.

Tips for a Smoother Accreditation Process

The cost and time associated with accreditation of campus security can add up quickly. Here are tips for keeping resources in check.
  1. Curb assessors' travel costs. Wake Forest University (N.C.) lent their assessors a university vehicle, organized work-related meals, and housed them at one of the institution's hotels. "Get creative," advises Police Chief Regina Lawson. "I'm sure if you have an empty residence hall, they are not above staying [there] or in a guest apartment."
  2. Be prepared for extra must-have's. Some standards may require additional expenditures (such as a certain brand of lockers for storing evidence or reconfiguring card access) to be in compliance, Lawson notes.

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