Financial Aid

In Wash., More Financial Aid, But Also More Need

Despite signs that Washington state's economy is improving, finding money to send children to college is still becoming more difficult.

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Gov. Snyder: University State Aid Might Be Linked To Meeting Tuition, Graduation Goals

Gov. Rick Snyder said he's glad President Obama is focusing on controlling spiraling college tuition and hinted that public universities could soon have state aid increases tied to meeting goals.

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Public Eye: Donations To UC Davis Climb Despite Pepper-Spraying Incident

The infamous pepper-spray incident at UC Davis in November brought a lot of negative attention to the campus.

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Survey Finds That Dwindling Financial Aid Contributes to Fewer College Options

College freshmen entering school last fall were less likely to attend their first choice of college, a function of both competition and cost, than at any other time since 1974, and fewer received financial aid through grants or scholarships, according to an annual survey of nearly 204,000 high school students.

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Saving Pell

How Congress maintained the $5,550 maximum Pell Grant

The time of unprecedented growth for the federal Pell Grant program couldn’t have come at a worse time for Congress. As lawmakers were looking to cut federal spending to address the growing national deficit, record college enrollments, the economic downturn, and expanded Pell Grant awards and eligibility criteria combined to triple the cost of the program over five years.

Bills Advance To Benefit Virginia's Active-Duty Military Students

Virginia’s active-duty military students may obtain college credit for their service and priority in registering for classes under two bills that advanced in the General Assembly today.

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Sewanee, the University of the South, Announces a Rare, Four-Year Tuition Guarantee (Blog)

The University of the South, a liberal arts college also known as Sewanee, announced Tuesday that it would guarantee a four-year rate of tuition, room and board for the class entering the university next fall. Sewanee’s board of regents set the annual tuition and fees for incoming students at $44,630, and it should hold steady through the Spring 2016 semesters for students starting in 2012, the university said.

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U of North Dakota: ‘Spirit’ Campaign Has Raised $245.5 Million So Far

The UND North Dakota Spirit campaign has raised $245.5 million toward its $300 million goal, Tim O’Keefe, UND Foundation executive director and CEO, told a gathering of UND alumni, supporters, students, faculty and staff Thursday.

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