Baylor Basks in Heisman’s Glow

Robert Griffin III figures that the reality of his winning the Heisman Trophy will truly sink in sometime after Thursday night’s Alamo Bowl against Washington. But after he returned to Baylor’s campus in Waco, Tex., following the award ceremony in New York and watched video montages of the reaction to his victory, he quickly understood that his achievement would reach far beyond the statue.

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Update: Qatar Campuses

The trend of opening branch campuses overseas is cyclical. When things are good, institutions look outside their borders. When things get bad, institutions tend to retract those tentacles. However, Education City in Qatar, which opened in 2001 after six years of planning from the Qatar Foundation and now has seven higher ed institutions, is going strong.

In November, Northwestern University in Qatar broke ground on a new 32,520-square meter building to house its media, communication, and journalism school. Northwestern University (Ill.) founded its Qatar branch in 2008.

Washington State U Shipping Tons Of Its Cougar Gold Cheese

WSU Creamery worker and cheese supervisor Johnny Parkins stirred 1,500 pounds of Cougar Gold cheese on the finishing table last week. This batch would produce about 800 cans of the popular cheese.

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Getting Carded

Best practices for campus card administration

Campus cards have come a long way since their initial uses related to door access and meal plan tracking. Increasingly, colleges and universities are turning campus cards into function-packed systems, with subsequent benefits related to efficiency, revenue generation, and off-campus partnerships. Here are 10 best practices for getting the most out of your campus card program.

Wrong Fight For NCAA? Writer On Time.Com Says U of North Dakota Nickname ‘Harmless,’ Even ‘Positive’

The long and continuing fight over UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname has caught the attention of, which reports this week on the NCAA’s campaign against the use of American Indian nicknames and “the puzzling, quite unique case of North Dakota.”

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MT University Officials Aim To "Rebrand" Community Colleges

The Montana University System has been working to expand 2 year education in the state. So after years of work, the College!NOW initiative is reaching a significant milestone.

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Fade Out: Univ of North Dakota's Kelley Explains Fighting Sioux Transition On Campus

UND President Robert Kelley's memorandum, which recounts recent legislative action allowing the transition to proceed, states that he has “directed the Athletics Department and the Office of University Relations to initiate transition processes with the goal of substantially completing them by the end of December,” as directed on Aug. 15 by the State Board of Higher Education.

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TLP: Redefining College Towns for the 21st Century

Online education’s impact and how college towns can reinvent themselves

Growing numbers of students came to campus this fall, as they have for over half a century. The beginning of school year ritual seems to go on forever, but for the first time, there are signs that, in its present form, it won’t. And it is the oft-ignored college town outside the campus that will be most affected.