‘This is a calling’: Two HBCUs in the nation’s capital get new presidents

Two 53-year-old academic leaders are taking the helm this summer at the two historically Black universities in the nation’s capital. One is a newcomer to the world of HBCUs, the other a product of them.

Q: What’s uppermost in your mind for your schools as you’re starting?

Vinson: All of us have been recognizing over the past several years an overall declining faith in the value of higher education. It’s been under scrutiny. And so this is a time for all of our institutions to really rise to the moment. What that looks like is going to look quite different in every particular institution. And so, making the case for differentiation, value, really polishing what an education means in this age, with the transformation of the student body that has been taking place, the covid impacts on our students — these are the kinds of questions that are certainly on my mind as I’m coming in.

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