Solving Operational Roadblocks in Academic Affairs: Insights from 220 Higher Ed Leaders

Speakers: Justing Wenig, CEO and Co-Founder, Coursedog

Dearv O’Crowley, Head of Product, Coursedog

Sponsored by:

University Business partnered with Coursedog to survey higher ed leaders in March 2022 to explore the impact of inefficiencies and other challenges in academic operations—involving course scheduling, curriculum management, and catalog management.

Over 220 respondents participated, with a variety of job titles and responsibilities and from a wide variety of institutions around the country. In this webinar, subject matter experts will provide insights to survey results as well as best practices and strategies higher ed leaders can adopt to overcome these challenges.

This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • How students are impacted by inefficiencies in academic operations, and how staff can help
  • How digital modernization has reduced administrative burden
  • Where institutions still struggle with academic operations, areas in need of innovation and the next best steps to take

This event is sponsored by Coursedog.

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