Recommended reading for higher ed leaders

This roundup offers 5 new and noteworthy books for college and university leaders

Conducting an Institutional Diversity Audit in Higher Education: A Practitioner’s Guide to Systematic Diversity Transformation

By Edna Chun and Alvin Evans; Stylus Publishing

Implementing systematic diversity transformation requires embracing all aspects of diversity—gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender identification and other salient characteristics of difference—as well as race and ethnicity. This book lays out a framework for systematic and sustained diversity process that first recognizes that too many diversity initiatives have generated more statements of intent than actual change, and that audits conducted by outside bodies frequently fail to achieve buy-in or long-term impact, and are costly endeavors.

Contested Issues in Troubled Times: Student Affairs Dialogues on Equity, Civility, and Safety

Edited by Peter M. Magolda, Marcia B. Baxter Magolda and Rozana Carducci; Stylus Publishing

Contested Issues in Troubled Times provides student affairs educators with frameworks to constructively think about and navigate the contentious climate they are increasingly encountering on campus. The 54 contributors address the book’s overarching question: How do we create an equitable climate conducive to learning in a dynamic environment fraught with complexity and a sociopolitical context characterized by escalating intolerance, incivility and overt discrimination?

Mindful Leadership: An Insight-Based Approach to College Administration

By Jeffrey L. Buller; Rowman & Littlefield

This book applies the concept of mindfulness to the challenges faced by academic leaders such as department chairs, deans, provosts, presidents or chancellors, and faculty leaders. In addition to instructing academic leaders on how to become more mindful, the book also provides clear and practical explanations about what mindful leadership means in the setting of higher education.

Big-Time Sports in American Universities

By Charles T. Clotfelter; Cambridge University Press

For almost a century, big-time college athletics has been a wildly popular but consistently problematic part of American higher education. The challenges it poses to traditional academic values have been recognized from the start, but they have grown more ominous in recent decades, as cable television has become ubiquitous, commercial opportunities have proliferated, and athletic budgets have ballooned.

Fraternity: An inside look at a year of college boys becoming men

By Alexandra Robbins; Penguin Random House

The New York Times bestselling author of Pledged is back with an unprecedented fly-on-the-wall look inside fraternity houses from current brothers’ perspectives—and a fresh, riveting must-read about what it’s like to be a college guy today.


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