International students are returning to the United States, but will that last?

The United States has reversed a pandemic-fuelled decline in student enrolment and remains the world’s leading host destination for international students, accepting 15% of the global total in 2021–22, a report finds.

In second place is the United Kingdom, which accepts 10% of all international students, followed by Canada at 9%, according to figures from the Institute of International Education (IIE), a non-profit organization based in New York City.

The IIE’s annual ‘Open Doors’ report shows a 3.8% increase to 948,519 international students enrolled in US institutions. In the 2020–21 academic year, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns, there were 914,095 international students studying in the United States, a 15% drop from the previous year (1,075,496).

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