Discount on The Internet of Women: Accelerating Culture Change e-book for UB Tech® attendees

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With Nada Marie Anid, a vice president at New York Institute of Technology, speaking at UB Tech® 2019, conference attendees can order her the e-book version of The Internet of Women: Accelerating Culture (2016), for 50% off. A discount code will be shared at the Women in Technology pre-conference, which any conference registrant may attend.

The Internet of Women presents personal narratives and case studies of female leaders from 30 countries who are making historic contributions to STEM fields, as well as highlights cultural shifts around the globe that illustrates how the modern workforce is closer to gender-equal than it has ever been.

Examples range from the United Nations’ emphasis on girls and technology education to the increased female labor force in Zambia. Men are working hand in hand with women to advocate for cultural change.

Challenges do remain, such as the lack of female leadership leading technology organizations so the pervasive pay gap, with women currently on average getting paid the equivalent of similarly qualified and employed men back in 2006.

Anid’s chapter of the book examines the climate of tech and gender in the academic world and how little progress has been made in terms of the representation of women in faculty and student populations.

Other areas focus on millennials leading, men and women empowering one another, women entrepreneurs, women forging into tech leadership and emerging fields of technology.

The key aim of the book—geared toward corporations, academic institutions, the private sector, government agencies, gender experts and the general public—is to let the reader understand a path towards implementing diversity on a global level.

More information on the book can be found here.

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