How colleges are failing our students

Neglecting to emphasize analytical tools denies students the full value of their education and causes them to struggle unnecessarily.

How the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s backup power solution protects ocean research

Uninterruptible power systems defend the University of Hawaii at Manoa's deep-sea remotely operated vehicle against harmful power variations.

How to make a stronger case for the ROI of a college degree

Declining enrollment is one reason it's more important than ever for institutions to provide the ROI for why today's students should pursue a college degree.

How striving for a DEI award keeps one senior diversity officer on track

We know we will never reach first place in some mythical University DEI Olympics. The job is ever changing, ever expanding.

Why supply chain insights are key for liberal arts programs

We talk about supply chain visibility as an indispensable component of efficient manufacturing. The same should hold true for efficient higher education and professional development.

How AI and other technology will fix value leakage in higher education

Machine learning is helping institutions more accurately predict the labor market value of the experiences they provide students and then translate those experiences into in-demand, marketable skills.

Stopping student stop-out: The latest data and how to address it

The problem is complex, and solutions are both nuanced and multifaceted. Here are several key insights to help institutions tackle a growing challenge.

How open admissions is dismantling educational barriers for art students

Removing barriers to an art and design university education means admission should not be based on SAT or ACT scores, portfolios for undergraduates, proof of high grades, or lengthy essays.

Opinion: What does a bachelor’s degree signify in 2022?

I’m a university president and I couldn’t tell you. At least not for bachelor's degrees conferred via the traditional model.

Hiring and retaining talent: Immigration for educational institutions

A primer for filing temporary and permanent petitions for foreign workers.

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