The hybrid campus: Why colleges still need a physical presence in a virtual world

Aligned with emerging student preferences. the college campuses of the future will be optimized for a modern learning experience that gives students exactly what they need—and where they need it.

Maximizing the value of higher education: A shift towards personalized student pathways

Shifting towards personalized pathways can enable institutions to better equip students with the skills needed in the workforce and prepare them for real-world opportunities and challenges they may face.

In the death of college admissions as we know it lies the opportunity for better practices

We are currently in uncharted territory in the world of college admissions. Institutions have the opportunity to rebuild the system so that applicants from all walks of life and demographics can access education. 

3 marketing strategies to help you move from undergrad to lifelong learning models

Recognizing that alumni are not mere one-time customers, but ongoing beneficiaries in need of support long after the first graduation holds the potential to transform both the higher education and workforce landscapes.

2 ways universities are mitigating cybersecurity risks in a complex environment

Thanks to a mix of academic freedom, complex IT environments and valuable data, universities are magnets for hackers. Here are some solutions to draw the line.

4 tips to successfully navigate institutional change

Successful evolution will look different for every institution, but there are key considerations and principles that higher ed leaders should keep in mind as they plan and prepare for change.

In the age of numbers, don’t lose sight of qualitative data

By balancing quantitative and qualitative data, we can advance meaningful solutions that address higher education’s most pressing problems and create a more valuable educational experience for all students.

AI-powered admissions: Shaping the future of higher education

This new wave of intelligent and AI-based tech services offers solutions that could work at speed and scale to improve processes and ultimately make the applicant experience a better one.

Innovation meets entrepreneurship: The value of academic incubators

Incubator programming helps students gain entrepreneurial skills and face new career opportunities and provides business partners with pools of future employees that have the skills and expertise they are looking for in new hires.

Alumni love their alma mater. Why not use them to win future students?

Americans’ loss of faith in higher ed doesn't affect your alumni’s support of you. Institution-specific loyalty is great news for development offices and higher ed in general.

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