The top 5 campus communication mistakes to avoid

At a time when productive communication often seems hard to achieve, campuses have a unique opportunity to move beyond good intentions and embrace a proactive, inclusive approach tailored to meet the needs of our students.

How to prevent AI bias in university systems: Best practices

Say I hop into a large language model (LLM) to do cursory research for a University Business piece and the query, “What can universities do to eliminate bias in AI systems they use?” returns results that are irrelevant, off the mark or inherently biased.

Beating the bottom line: Is language instruction doomed to fail at rural universities?

Cultural competency may be the pinnacle objective of selective liberal arts colleges. But at institutions where students’ family income is under $70,000, it's a luxury.

How community colleges can build a new teacher pipeline

Community and two-year technical colleges have been proposed as a new pipeline for preparing new teachers. Florida has provided an example.

How to attract new facilities talent on college campuses

Here are some fundamental ideas university leaders should consider as they frame their approach to the campus facilities workforce challenge.

Helpful summer homework: Are you ready for Congressional reckoning?

In an era where a handful of social media posts can lead to a Capitol Hill hearing, developing a plan before a crisis is critical. College presidents and their staffs should use the next few months to develop a strategy for responding to these five key issues.

How marketing leaders can transform their media’s value

Managing effective marketing has never been more important. Here's what Procter & Gamble can teach CMOs and higher ed marketers about effective advertising.

To protect students’ futures, prioritize campus preservation

Historical campuses like my own offer a throughline for generations of students and stability through changes in society and evolutions in knowledge. Few other institutions can claim this legacy. 

Are these new rules the canary in the coal mine for distance learning?

Restrictions to online, asynchronous learning for hands-on programs could spell trouble for successful remote learning efforts around the country.

How colleges can help restore what students lost during COVID

By following specific and proven strategies, the nation’s colleges and universities can reassure nervous students, families and policymakers and build pathways to completion of credentials of value that can lift up individuals and communities.

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