How AI can add the human touch that today’s college students need

Institutions prefer to measure returns on investment in terms of revenue received or savings realized, but traditional metrics cannot capture the decreased stress levels and improved performance of students who get the exact guidance they need exactly when they need it.

Flexing the future of higher ed: Embracing flexible learning pathways for access, quality and equity

With the sustained shift towards online and blended learning models in the post-pandemic world, the education landscape is ripe for innovation that can accommodate formal and informal learning methodologies.

Adapt or die: 3 ways to transform your institution in a changing landscape

It’s time for schools to radically change their structure. Otherwise, our institutions will not survive, a loss that has catastrophic implications for the future of millions of underserved young people and for our nation.

How CIOs can take advantage of the AI revolution

AI can empower CIOs and their network teams to build future-ready campus networks that can automatically detect, diagnose and resolve network problems, thereby improving Wi-Fi coverage and performance across the network infrastructure.

5 tips for college and university presidents to support diversity, equity and inclusion

There’s new momentum building on college and university campuses to reinvigorate diversity, equity and inclusion programs despite the coordinated attacks that have taken place against it in the past year.

The academic schedule is a barrier to student progress and outcomes

Academic schedules are a foundational degree progress strategy, yet too many administrators consider it a way to meet faculty—not student needs.

Today’s strategic planning: Backward design to move an institution forward

Forward-thinking institutional leaders should take inspiration from their faculty colleagues and embrace the backward design we more often see in syllabus writing to create an engaging, transparent and accessible process for strategic planning.

How schools can streamline their alternative credentials programs

At a time when many students, especially older students, are questioning the ROI of a college education, alternative credentials are an easy way to align educational offerings with available jobs in the community.

3 ways higher ed can modernize its payment strategies

It’s time to enter “Modernization Mode” and give your students clarity, convenience and flexibility with modern features when it comes to making payments on campus.

What college leaders need to know about the career expectations for the class of ‘24

The class of 2024 isn’t looking for tradeoffs when it comes to work-life balance. We must add a new layer to help students articulate what’s most important to them personally as they enter the workforce, such as their well-being and flexibility.

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