Have you considered a merger? Because hope is not a plan in higher ed

Since 2012 there have been more college closures in the United States than in the previous 40 years combined. Almost 600 schools have disappeared, the vast majority of them private institutions.

How colleges are building expertise for the next generation of automation

Colleges are revamping their robotics programs to set students up for success by providing hands-on training with today’s automation solutions.

From college dropout to dean: What I’ve learned about working students

We need to redesign higher education as an experience that helps students harmonize education, work and family—instead of pitting them against each other.

3 solutions for the post-COVID administrative office

Take time to reimagine these workspaces with consideration for the people who rely on them.

Financial health relies on student paying bills. Here are better ways to do it

Improving the student accounts process sounds about as sexy as a root canal, which is part of why so many institutions have avoided upgrading processes that could earn thousands or even millions in lost revenue.

Here is one way that higher ed leaders can combat inflation

Investing in online education will allow universities to reach a larger audience and potentially offset some of the costs associated with traditional higher education.

What is liberatory design and why does higher education need it right away?

Here's the big question: What’s the most effective way to build a stronger sense of belonging and community to help more students persist on their journey to a degree?

How to future-proof education with the convergence of AV and IT

AV-over-IT is about the complete delivery of audio and visual experiences through entirely software-defined workflows on computers through standard, network infrastructure.

How to balance support for institutional and presidential brands

While high profile leadership has undeniable benefits, it also has implications for brand management, particularly when a president’s brand usurps the institution’s.

Why data is the key to improving your student assessments

If you’re like most instructors, you’ve found yourself, at some point, delivering a lecture only to notice you don’t have the attention of your class.

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