10 community colleges get chance to reshape racial equity

The USC Race and Equity Center and Achieving the Dream are launching an academy to help institutions develop a plan to make change on campus.

Do hate crimes lead more Black students to choose HBCUs?

A study done by professors at SMU and UC Berkeley shows an increase in enrollment in states where those crimes became more prevalent.

Why colleges must reprioritize students in communications

COVID-19 made parents a primary audience, but colleges and universities need to recenter students without losing parental engagement.

Vaccine on campus: Now what?

As higher education peers over the post-COVID horizon, the next tasks in the new normal are distribution, contact tracing, tracking and compliance.

10 colleges honored for virtual support during pandemic

Their efforts to improve services while keeping students engaged and healthy amid COVID-19 are lauded by NASPA committee.

How do college students feel about remote learning?

A new report shows higher education students are pleased with the care and efforts being made by instructors in remote environments.

Morehouse Online: A bold new path for future leaders

Morehouse College's move to launch the 21st-century technology platform will help those who already may have credits but did not earn degrees.

Why higher education should not be political

To be leaders, we need to be free thinking, intellectual beings with a deep understanding of rational thought and an uncanny ability to decipher between truth and fiction.

Pandemic ‘Lessons Learned’ detailed in new higher ed report

A collection of articles from ReportOUT looks at how colleges and universities have adapted to this crisis moment and what will make them successful in the future.

5 ways to overcome compassion fatigue in higher education

While compassion fatigue is usually associated with nurses, physicians and caregivers, it is also a common experience among educators, especially in this pandemic era.

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