Case study: Using a mobile app to engage rural students

While providing access to courses is essential to educating students in remote areas, helping them feel they are a part of the campus community is another key piece for retention and completion efforts.

What: A branded campus app used to connect students with courses and campus life

Where: Lindsey Wilson College, located on the southern tip of rural Appalachia, in Columbia, Kentucky

Link to main story: How colleges reach remote students

When and how: Created in 2015 using a mobile platform developed by OOHLALA

App actions: – Join a campus club – Create a study group – Make an appointment with an academic tutor – Receive a request to see a counselor if grades are falling behind – Review class schedule and grades

Usage boom: 82%—Students who used the app the first year it was adopted

Retention boost: 2.15 times—How much more likely 
app users are to stay in school than non-app users

Sources: Lindsey Wilson College and

Sherrie Negrea is an Ithaca, New York-based writer and frequent contributor to UB.

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