Case study: Fox School of Business

Using a hybrid approach to attract more professionals

At Temple University’s Fox School of Business, students have a menu of options to choose their own MBA path.

“They can do 100 percent online, 100 percent face-to-face, or any mix of online, hybrid, and face-to-face coursework,” says Darin Kapanjie, academic director of Fox’s online and part-time MBA programs.

Students can change course on their choices after beginning the program, too. If a student needs to travel or relocate for work, for example, it’s not necessary to leave the program.

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“There is complete integration and flexibility where students can take any course in any format, at any kind of pace,”  says Kapanjie. “There’s full semester, half semester, five-week classes, and presemester weekend classes.”

Such innovations also help enhance the student experience. “With part-time programs, the challenge used to be that bringing them in once a week made it difficult to collaborate, so schools are enhancing with digital and hybrid components,” says Dan LeClair, AACSB’s chief strategy and innovation officer.

Since incorporating its hybrid approach, Fox’s MBA program is attracting students with more professional experience—an average of 12 years for its online students, and nine years (slowly creeping toward 10) for its part-timers. That compares to the 6.4 years of work experience reported by ranked part-time MBA programs in U.S. News & World report.

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