Kalamazoo College Increases Tuition By 4.75 Percent For 2012-13 School Year

Kalamazoo College is increasing tuition and room and board by 4.75 percent for the 2012-13 year, bringing the yearly cost to $45,984.

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Dozens Arrested At California Capitol Protests As Thousands Decry High Cost Of Education

Another day of protests played out at the state Capitol on Monday with thousands of demonstrators denouncing soaring higher education costs and a select group spending most of the day inside the rotunda to achieve one goal: getting arrested.

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Welcome Trend in College Tuition (Opinon)

A small but growing number of private colleges are freezing tuition and rethinking policies that have driven up prices to unsustainable levels.

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College Presidents Say $10,000 Degrees Available Now

Speaking today on a SXSWEdu panel in Austin, officials from a few Texas community colleges and universities said that $10,000 bachelor's degrees are available now — and more will be within the year.

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California Students Protest Education Cuts At Capitol Rally

Thousands of college students are protesting rising college prices and escalating higher-education cuts at California's Capitol today.

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Politics and Higher Ed

The President and frontrunner candidates on tuition costs

When President Obama called for more college graduates during his 2009 State of the Union Address, higher education leaders embraced the challenge. His 2012 speech challenging colleges and universities to control tuition—and adding there would be dire funding consequences if they didn’t—was not as well received.

Net Price Calculator, Six Months In

How NPCs are being used and what it means for institutions

Six months into the net price calculator (NPC) requirement, the experiences of many colleges and universities can be best described as “a mixed bag.” Questions or concerns that numerous schools expressed as they put together their plans for the NPC launch have not necessarily been answered: Will the phones start ringing off the hook? How accurate will comparisons be? What is the best location on our website: Should we highlight the NPC or bury it in a hard-to-find spot?