A Higher Education

The sometimes risky road to college

Rising high school juniors and seniors are beginning to set their sights on the college admissions process—a long and winding road that typically includes web-based research, counselors, essays, and overnight visits to experience campus cultures.

Sounds good.

Yet, for too many students, these overnights include a different kind of education: underage drinking and intimate sexual behavior, in some cases for the first time.

New Protections for Private Student Loan Borrowers

How legislation and other actions are helping students make informed decisions

FINANCIAL AID ADMINISTRATORS are leading the fight against misleading direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing of private student loans, but it can feel like a losing battle at times.

HEOA and the Life of an Aid Officer

What the impact of this new legislation will be for financial aid offices

ON AUGUST 14, 2008, LIFE as financial aid officers knew it changed drastically. That day, President Bush signed the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) into law, setting into motion many changes that will directly affect operations in the financial aid office as well as operations in other offices on campus.

A Considered Life

Helping students make deliberate career choices

Two years ago, in writing about career planning for college students in “The [Next] Real World” (University Business, April and August 2006), we advised colleges to bring administrators, faculty, and students together to focus on finding paths to the right academic major and career.


The Face of Diversity

Everybody is talking about "diversity": communities, businesses, political leaders, and institutions of learning. It is the new buzzword used in the quest to raise socio-economic and political consciousness in a global society that must learn to live, work, and play together. But the effectiveness of diversity depends on the sincerity of its delivery.

Star Schools of Education

Launching pads for tomorrow's educators

IT SEEMS LIKE EVERYBODY INSIDE and outside of higher learning has a quick fix for what ails public education.

Ode to the Modern Mariner

Sailing the seven seas of U.S. maritime education

EVER SINCE REVOLUTIONARY times, America's schoolchildren have learned about the central role the merchant marine has played in the nation's defense, transportation, and commerce. Whether in times of war or peace, the U.S. merchant marine has secured our ports and the safe passage of commerce across the seas.

Admissions Trends to Watch, 2007-2008

How today's admissions policies, procedures, and developments are impacting students, parents, and schools

Out of the Box Global Opportunities

International educational opportunities provide a wonderful point of departure for students and institutions to expand their horizons.