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Steven Blackburn

To ensure students could move in by March 2019, Charleston Southern University officials expedited the one-year project by having the walls built off-site from concrete and foam rather than brick and mortar. Cranes then brought the pieces back to campus. “The walls were put together like a puzzle,” says Carter. The property also includes 182 resident parking spaces and a detention pond, which temporarily stores stormwater runoff.
With the help of a chief administrator in online learning, the Texas State University System has the highest percentage of fully online students.
Colleges and universities around the country are teaming with providers and organizations on new programs, covering public interest technology, retail management, employee mortgage loans, clean energy research, online courses and equity.
Following his service at the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Federal Student Aid, Patterson is taking the helm at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.
A Trump executive order promoting free speech on college campuses has garnered reactions from both sides. (Photo Credit: Adventure_Photo).
online learning
Sacramento State is adding South Campus Housing for upper-division students.
Higher ed institutions have selected new systems to help manage study abroad programs, stream live events, save energy, handle electronic resources and more.
Higher ed institutions in California, Illinois, Rhode Island and South Carolina will deploy new enrollment, AV, ERP and video screen systems as well as student training programs.
CONNECTION AND DIVERSITY—In addition to featuring interior glass walls that unite the science departments, the Science Center at Amherst College has an exterior glass curtain wall that overlooks the campus, so students always feel connected to nature. Additionally, 35 percent of courses taught at the center this semester have extended beyond the sciences to include the humanities and the arts, such as “Rethinking Pocahontas” and “Atomic Bomb Literature.”