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Steven Blackburn

A university IT strategy to close the college digital divide could involve electronic waste management by delivering retired computers to students who do not have any such devices at home.
The admitted student website that Widener University created helps with recruiting college students who have been accepted. 
There has been a decline in college enrollment and growth in facility spaces, a divide that the coronavirus has worsened, higher education enrollment trends show.
Chatbots in higher education can be used to help students during the COVID-19 pandemic. University Business provides some effective policies and other chatbot best practices.
The coronavirus will impact telehealth education by most likely making courses that teach college telehealth services such as remote patient monitoring a priority.
To help students during the coronavirus pandemic, colleges and universities are canceling giving days and changing their donor stewardship strategies by raising student emergency funds through online fundraising and other online giving initiatives. 
Tufts University President Anthony Monaco is calling on higher ed institutions to use their surplus spaces in university dorms and college dorms to help relieve the stress on the health care system. The University is actively engaged with medical leaders and its host communities on how to best support their needs using university housing and more. Alonso Nichols/Tufts University
Cy the chatbot answers student and faculty questions about the coronavirus.
One of the college recruitment strategies that college admissions at Whitman College adopted involved current students being filmed to show admitted students what campus life is like.
Stony Brook University made Match Day 2020 into an online college event by pursuing college video conferencing as the percentage of canceled college events continues to increase.
Higher education solution providers are releasing free college management software and free online training software to promote online learning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Other free higher education solutions include various faculty resources, such as free college courses.
Three universities are following some emerging trends in college and university food service by offering healthy college meals for students. Other new higher ed partnerships  have been made in pursuit of improving mechanical testing, providing 3DP technology, creating a coding boot camp and adding cloud-based applications due to how cloud computing in higher education is streamlining processes.
President Meehan of UMass stands with staff of the recently created shared services project led by chief procurement officer David Cho.
Instructional Technologist Tim Van Norman and ESL Professor Brent Warner of Irvine Valley College say that a way to improve faculty development is to introduce technology that promotes collaboration in higher education among professors.