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Steven Blackburn

Northwestern University is pursuing the possibility of hotel student housing to quarantine students who are infected with COVID-19. Colleges and universities might also have to create separate domestic and international student housing options since the CDC mandates that anyone who travels abroad must self-isolate for two weeks.
Campus teams discuss racial healing and the falsity of racial hierarchies at AAC&U’s 2019 Institute on Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Campus Centers institute that promotes racial awareness in higher education.
Higher ed needs to improve their university career services and STEM access for students with disabilities since a survey recently found that students with special needs who graduated from college are getting lower quality jobs than their peers without disabilities.
Urban school challenges that come about as a result of the suspected budget shortfalls differ from those facing rural colleges and title IV schools. However, budget planning for every institution can begin with endowment management.
College student spending trends show that college students purchased more technology than their required course materials but college students are buying more digital units than last year.
The best chatbot experiences occur when chatbot use includes escalation,  contextualization and more.
More students are thinking of attending European universities to obtain European degrees for a number of reasons.
COVID-19 in Context is a free coronavirus course launched by the University of Mary Washington.
A new study finds that women minority students in law school do not view their school's race relations favorably and that women students of color are not as satisfied with the overall law school experience as opposed to their peers.
Laramie County students are using nursing school mannequins since many hospitals are not accepting students on site, but many graduates are saying that the simulation mannequins have increased their engagement.
The workforce development center, also known as the Baldwin Center, has leased the building to various businesses and Coastal Alabama Community College, making the facility a combination of a business and college workforce center.
Tallahassee Community College's Be Essential Campaign, a community college community support program, provides community college childcare and a wealth of other supports for people who have lost their jobs.
Stetson University will be able to provide online workforce training after adopting prepackaged online workforce development programs.
Workforce development programs are in high demand to help revitalize the workforce and the economy. Luckily, many community colleges and four-year institutions have found innovative ways to provide workforce development training during the COVID era.