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Steven Blackburn

Food insecurity on college campuses has caught the attention of Congress. New pending legislation would connect hungry college students with resources.
Ed Wingenbach, President, Hampshire College, Massachusetts
HOW EVENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS CAN HELP—Vanderbilt University uses event management software for universities to plan the annual Founder’s Walk which requires the coordination of multiple campus departments, including admissions and the registrar.
Samuel L. Stanley Jr. will serve as president of MSU.
Katherine Lasher will be moving from Central Michigan University, where she developed the school’s first comprehensive sexual misconduct policy, to Ohio State in August.
One of the university food waste programs at Christopher Newport University is the Food Fighters initiative, which makes use of uneaten dining hall food. Partner organizations receive healthy foods that are difficult and expensive for homeless shelters to obtain.
LIVING THE DREAM CAN WORK—The brand strategy at Woodbury University led to a story about 2016 graduate Zare Oganesyan (pictured), who became a production supervisor for the DreamWorks Animation TV series Spirit: Riding Free, streaming on Netflix.
LMS migration to a different platform may be the best option if the current system experienced a price increase, doesn’t have features that the school needs, can’t handle enrollment growth or hasn’t been integrated campuswide, or its price rises. Photo by monkeybusinessimages.