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Steven Blackburn

College fundraising is poised to plummet, which will require university advancement officials to adopt new university fundraising strategies, such as finding innovative ways to improve alumni engagement digitally.
Many test optional colleges will most likely depend on GPA requirements for admission and scholarships, but this will be challenging for many ACT and SAT optional schools that are competitive.
Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization is a college building technology solution unlike most smart building technology platforms. It can help create healthy buildings by providing recommendations on how to make facilities healthier.
Due to complications as a result of the coronavirus, more students need help with tuition payments, so higher ed leaders are stepping up by providing tuition scholarships, free tuition for online courses and creating other tuition program initiatives.
It is important for college leaders to start Legionella treatment before reopening their campuses to lower the risk of transmitting Legionnaires’ disease, or legionellosis.
Using VR technology, Temple University created a VR class where students are avatars and each lesson includes a live stream lecture with the professor.
Higher ed should brace for the possibility that Native students might not enroll in colleges or universities, including some Tribal schools, as a result of the pandemic, which will exacerbate some of the many Native American education issues.
New Title IX regulations recently released by the U.S. Department of Education requires schools to become familiar with Title IX compliance guidelines to successfully navigate the new Title IX rules.
A task force has just released some college safety guidelines for safely reopening colleges and universities, but they might not be feasible for some schools. The task force chair shares some college safety tips to help higher leaders comply with the recommendations.
In addition to participating in live chatrooms and message boards, admitted students could watch multiple virtual tour videos during Whitman College's virtual accepted students day events.