Updated: 5 ways higher ed is helping students afford their tuition

An overwhelming number of students believe they cannot finance their undergraduate degree, study shows

Colleges and universities are increasingly under pressure to help students pay for their education as complications related to the coronavirus continue to create financial burdens for families.

Nearly 80% of students feel less confident in their ability to finance their education as a result of the coronavirus, according to a survey by Kaleidoscope, an ed tech company that focuses on student loans. More than 900 students were interviewed in the nationwide study, which also found that over 30% of students are concerned about basic housing needs.

Even though higher ed is experiencing its own financial strains, schools have found innovative ways to provide tuition assistance to students so they can continue their education. Here are five strategies that different colleges and universities have adopted to help with tuition. Read the fifth and latest strategy.

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1. Retaking courses at no cost

2. Providing free tuition for multiple semesters

3. Awarding tuition scholarships

4. Offering tuition assistance through emergency funds

5. Creating tuition freezes and simplified rate structures

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