How students can greatly benefit from transfer agreements during closures

Quest University students who would have been forced to continue learning online in the fall can now attend in-person classes at Prescott College

Students attending a Canadian university that will remain closed in the fall can now enroll in face-to-face classes at a U.S. college in Arizona. In a recently completed college transfer agreement, Prescott College will accept all credits from incoming Quest University students, and transfers will pay the same tuition fees as other Prescott students. Likewise, Quest will accept all credits when students transfer back.

Meanwhile, Prescott officials are looking to lease buildings in the community for housing as part of the college articulation agreement, since each student will have their own room on campus. However, the college does expect a 10% drop in enrollment, so more spaces could be available.

“We had worked with Quest in the past, so it really helped that we had a preexisting relationship with them and we already trusted each other,” says President John Flicker of Prescott. “We both have similar pedagogies and visions as well. Like us, Quest is heavily focused on environmental sustainability and social justice.”

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Additionally, both schools have small class sizes and employ a block system. At Prescott, students take one course at a time for four weeks. “So students can transfer for a single block if they want to,” says Flicker.

How to create a simpler college transfer agreement

Making a simplified transfer model possible required participation from core staff members who would be willing to make quick decisions. “Transfer policies can be burdensome, so faculty need to be nimble, flexible, and able to put the best interests of the students first,” says Flicker. “We have a lot of students who are really hurting, so we had to do what we could do to help them immediately. We will sort out the logistics later.”

Prescott has plenty of experience with making simplified college articulation agreement decisions. The college recently accepted students from closing U.S. schools, including Marylhurst University in Seattle as well as 170 students from Green Mountain College and numerous MBA students from Marlboro College, both in Vermont. Nearly 20 faculty and staff were hired from Green Mountain.

“I believe that students will reward you in the future if you show that you generally care about them,” says Flicker.

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