Sherrie Negrea

How to engage all learners with ed tech

Online instruction that uses audio, video and other tools to present content in multiple ways can help faculty ensure inclusivity.

How to connect students in one class, from two lecture halls

Speakers from Rutgers University will lead a UB Tech 2020 session on a project that uses videoconference technology to link two lecture halls on different campuses.

Creating a shared research center

Research space and equipment need not be owned by specific departments or researchers. Here's how Texas Tech University manages its shared spaces.

Sound quality: A must for educational video

UB Tech 2020 speaker Ian Wilkinson on how to create high-quality sound in educational videos—including the single best thing to do to improve the audio quality of their content

Student technology ambassadors get lesson in international collaboration

Learn about the student-run computer repair center at Valencia College in Orlando, the topic of a UB Tech 2020 session. Students fix devices for any member of the college community for free and have worked with peers at a university in Paris on artificial intelligence and other IT projects.

3 models for enhancing the tech aspects of accessibility

Disability services offices are forming closer partnerships with campus technology administrators and increasing their own tech expertise. Here are three models they use to get the job done.

Library consortium adopts EBA model for e-book acquisition

Evidence-based acquisition helps campus libraries in Pennsylvania save on digital learning materials.

Acquiring e-books for college and university libraries

Two emerging models for obtaining e-books for academic libraries: Demand-driven acquisition and evidence-based acquisition

How instructional design staff help faculty create better academic videos

Higher ed institutions are raising the bar on instructional videos as professors learn best practices in content development and production from their expert colleagues on campus

Video walls move to the next level

Ideas for using impressive video display wall technology across college campuses

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