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Sherrie Negrea

Having the rights to digital books allows libraries to offer students more options.
ACQUIRE BY DEMAND—Demand-driven acquisition is practiced at the University of Dayton for less expensive e-book purchasing. Here, Associate Professor of Psychology Viorel Paslaru spends time inside Roesch Library reading an e-book.
Instruction production—Dawn Dubriel (right), an instructional designer at Lynn University, helps faculty such as criminal justice professor Sindee Kerker create lesson plans using instructional apps for iPad Pro. Instructional designers produce videos with professors and teach them how to do it themselves.
WINDOW DISPLAY—The video wall in the admissions office at New York Institute of Technology is meant to inspire people, whether it‘s a prospective student checking out academic programs while waiting for a campus tour, or a pedestrian walking by the building who can’t help but peer inside.
Since a video wall was installed in the library at Connecticut College in 2015 (right), it has been used by more than 1,000 students in about 80 different classes.