‘New general education’ snapshots

Virginia Tech: Pathways

  • Apply ethical reasoning and intercultural and global awareness across the entire curriculum.
  • Take one of 10 interdisciplinary minors to earn up to 18 of the 45 required general ed credits.
  • Participate in high-impact learning experiences by studying abroad, or doing undergraduate research or a cocurricular activity.

University at Buffalo (N.Y.): UB Curriculum

  • Take a discussion-based freshman seminar with up to 25 students.
  • Complete a sequence of three interconnected courses in both a thematic and a global pathway.
  • Create an e-portfolio of work in general education courses, and write two integrative essays connecting learning experiences with everyday life.

LINK TO MAIN ARTICLE: Reconstructing general ed for colleges and universities

Goucher College (Md.): The Goucher Commons

  • Take a first-year seminar and at least three “center pair” exploration courses, which explore complex problems from more than one angle.
  • Study abroad to develop an international perspective.
  • Connect learning to everyday life through a capstone experience or signature project that is shared at a student symposium.

Lebanon Valley College (Pa.): Constellations

  • Take three Connective Experience courses that examine an issue from three disciplinary perspectives.
  • Complete two immersive courses or experiences to apply learning in a real-world context—from completing an internship or directing a play to leading a service trip.
  • Take an “integrative experience” during junior or senior year to complete an interdisciplinary project and reflect on learning.

Sherrie Negrea, based in Ithaca, New York, is a frequent contributor to UB.


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