3. Awarding tuition scholarships

An overwhelmingly number of students believe they cannot finance their undergraduate degree, study shows

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan has been awarding scholarships to students requesting additional aid.

Since March, the school has redirected 385 of 512 student requests for an emergency scholarship to applications that provide support for tuition, room and board, or to financial aid, says Doug Fletcher, director of LSA scholarships. LSA generally receives approximately 80 applications per year.

“The financial aid office reviewed the packages I received from my students to identify who had already received aid to help with tuition, room and board for the fall and winter,” says Fletcher. “In cases where a student has all of their financial needs previously covered by the office of financial aid, we cannot add additional funding without reducing the aid the student already received, in line with federal policy regarding financial aid. There are certain cases where a student’s cost of attendance budget can be increased for allowable expenses to make it possible to award additional funding.”

Fletcher directs students who can’t receive his college’s scholarships to apply for CARES act funding in the financial aid office.

#4 Emergency Funds‡’

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