4. Offering tuition assistance through emergency funds

An overwhelmingly number of students believe they cannot finance their undergraduate degree, study shows

In Texas, a majority of 260 students at the University of Houston-Downtown are requesting tuition assistance from the Gator Emergency Fund.

“Before COVID-19, we received anywhere between 10 to 15 student requests for additional aid on a weekly basis. Compare that to now when, at one week, we had more than 1,000 students apply,” says Daniel Villanueva Jr., associate vice president of enrollment management and the university registrar.

When applicable, students submit an application, which is evaluated based on whether the student receives financial aid. “It’s not a deciding actor, but it helps with our decision-making process,” says Villanueva Jr.

Students who lost their job due to the coronavirus can also apply for financial aid based on their W2 form from the previous year. “If students were making a decent salary before losing a job, they can receive high financial aid to help with tuition,” says Villanueva Jr.

#5 Tuition Freezes and Simplifying Rate Structures‡’

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