Roanoke College’s ‘Out of the Closet’ project creates safe space for LGBTQ+ to express their true self

Helping students express their true selves, that’s the mission of Roanoke College’s “Out of the Closet” project.

It’s a service on campus that offers LGBTQ+ students the opportunity to privately receive free clothes.

Religion professor Dr. Jennifer Berenson came up with the idea to support students in a new way. “We have clothing, shoes and accessories—things like that,” said Dr. Berenson. “This is a place that we’ve created for transgender and gender non-conforming students to come and find clothing that helps them express their identity,”

Student leaders like treasurer of RC Pride Ethan Stevenson and Student Body President Emily Norton decided to get involved. “It’s really important because a lot of students at college, it’s really their first opportunity to really express themselves,” said Stevenson.

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