Growing academic offering: Telehealth tech training for nurses

Since virtual health care is not likely going away, even after the COVID threat subsides, nursing program administrators are looking at adding more related education and experiences.

Best practices and lessons from campus leaders on the present-day college town

A Q-and-A with James E. Samels, coauthor of The New American College Town: Designing Effective Campus and Community Partnerships

Remote employees still giving back to community

Throughout COVID and into the holiday season, Excelsior College staff have been working from home but also remain engaged in community service and fundraising.

How many colleges offer courses on COVID?

An analysis of 51 course titles including the words COVID, pandemic or coronavirus shows that the big topic from 2020 is being taught in a variety of disciplines, from medicine, public health and biology to international affairs, sociology and economics.

Service dog earns a big treat—a college degree

University of West Georgia awards an honorary degree for the first time to a canine companion during commencement ceremonies planned to honor spring, summer and fall 2020 graduates.

Student compliance: Use the carrot or the stick?

Encouraging students to follow safety rules during the pandemic involves both offering incentives for being a role model and consequences for concerning behaviors.

College presidents’ perspective on student mental health and wellness

Participants in a virtual roundtable discussion addressed how they are seeing the impact of COVID-19 on mental health as well as actions they’ve taken to support students.  

During COVID, what has impacted faculty productivity most?

In a study that examined higher ed faculty in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine, one factor emerged as the most significant in hindering self-reported productivity as related to promotion and tenure. Here's what it is—and four ways administrators can help.

$11.5 million coming to U System of Georgia campuses for mental health

CARES Act funding is being set aside to expand clinical resources at USG and to create a consortium that will develop a long-term mental health services model for the system's 26 institutions.

Spring campus reopening—but juniors and seniors must wait

One Pennsylvania college invites all students back for the spring semester through a staggered schedule, with first-year and sophomore students asked to arrive in January and juniors and seniors returning in March after spring break.

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