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Stefanie Botelho

Following two years of planning, Harding University in Arkansas will relocate 170 students from Cathcart Hall (pictured) to begin renovations.
Elizabeth Kennedy, Vice Provost, Missouri Western State U
Offering three areas for student collaboration and research, Missouri S&T’s new digital lab will be located in the Humanities and Social Sciences Building on campus.
Northeast Community College will welcome Leah Barrett to campus next year.
Gov. Bill Lee (pictured) recently held budget hearings, during which Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s Mike Krause pitched eight new capital projects, including a building for Chattanooga State.
Brian Bruess, President, St. Norbert College, Wisconsin
The award-winning Krone Engineered Biosystems Building at Georgia Tech (pictured) features plantings for a temporal forest like those indigenous to the Atlanta area.
Walter “Ted” Carter Jr., superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy, is the priority candidate for University of Nebraska system president.
Des Moines University President Angela Walker Franklin announced in June that the university will build a new campus in West Des Moines.
Cheryl Evans Jones, President, Paine College, Georgia