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Names in the news 11-19-19

New leaders for Eckerd College, University of Lynchburg, Boston Architectural College, Atlanta Metropolitan State College and University System of Maryland. …Lee University president announces retirement. …Former presidents from Southwestern Christian College and Ferris State University have died.

Strategic planning is an important part of what they do

Strategic planning translates research data and findings into actionable insights for your institution. Did you know Blackboard can provide a step-by-step plan for growing your enrollments through enhanced marketing and enrollment strategies that yield results and measurable return on investment? Learn how.

Two-factor authentication hits higher ed

A highly effective phishing campaign exploits many schools’ single-factor authentication process, while the Department of Ed has made it clear that institutions could be held liable. Thankfully, Nelnet Campus Commerce has the highest payment security standards and already offers the solution — at no extra cost.

2019 College Business Officers survey on books & course materials

In this brand new survey report, higher ed business officers in Auxiliary Services, Fiscal Affairs, and Academic Affairs detail how evolving trends in course materials and digital content are impacting the future strategy of the campus bookstore. Get the free survey report today.

4 technology trends in higher ed

High school students live in a technology-filled world and expect the same or better experience when they reach university. From artificial intelligence to big data, see how institutions are integrating new technology now to create smarter campuses for tomorrow's incoming class.

Names in the news 10-15-19

New leaders for Ivy Tech Community College, University of Mississippi, Santa Fe College, Salem College and Providence College. …Presidents from the University of Arkansas and Durham Technical Community College announce plans to step down.

UB Tech session to focus on engaging students in an age of distraction

Instructional Technologist Tim VanNorman and ESL Professor Brent Warner, both from Irvine Valley College, will be at UB Tech 2020 in Las Vegas to share some of the tools and strategies they’ve found to engage students in an age of distraction.

Changes ahead for the online higher ed learning market

As more colleges and universities add online courses to their catalogs, the market share for online program managers (OPM) has begun feeling the effect.

The college esports juggernaut keeps on rolling

From huge institutions like The Ohio State University (45,000 students) to tiny Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa (974 students), schools across the country are moving full-steam-ahead into esports.

A timeout from the rest of life

Anthony Kronman, former dean of Yale Law School and a current professor, argues that the feverish egalitarianism pervasive on today’s college campuses is out of place at institutions whose job is to prepare citizens to live in a vibrant democracy.

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