Ray Bendici

Recruiting and supporting the growing Latino student population

Latino college enrollment and completion efforts include raising awareness of Hispanic culture, analyzing student pathways, and using related evidence to support retention.

How higher ed is making over general education

Institutions have been changing general education requirements to match job skill demands of employers.

New school year brings new campus dining options

The start of the school year is bringing new twists to college dining around the country, with higher ed institutions cooking up new services and meals to keep students happy and healthy.

How a campus partnership created a tasty dividend

Two departments at Purdue University have collaborated to churn out a special flavor of ice cream to commemorate the institution's 150th anniversary.

Recycling on campuses affected by China’s plastics ban

China’s recent decision to drastically limit the amount and types of recyclable plastics it accepts from other countries has forced colleges to find new ways to handle trash removal.

Community colleges strive to boost mental health resources

Mental health care at community colleges has in the past been hampered by a lack of funding and the fact that many older students...

How campus student service areas can use chatbots

From admissions, financial aid and residence life to registration, student activities and food service, here’s how student service areas can use chatbots to keep students informed. (Click...

States, colleges offer varying rights on transgender bathroom use

In March, North Carolina passed a law that public colleges and universities require individuals to use restrooms that match their birth gender. The controversial “Public...

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