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Matt Zalaznick

Students whose course of study or academic success require access to campus can return in-person to College of the Holy Cross for the fully online fall semester. (Photo: College of the Holy Cross)
William & Mary may suspend the IT services of campus users who don't monitor their health with the university's mobile app or website tool.
Hip-hop pedagogy is an effective teaching approach because it transcends class, culture, and gender, and can be a catalyst for positive changes, an education professor says (GettyImages/caesargfx)
A class take place in a lecture hall in virBELA's virtual college campus.
Researchers at the University of Rochester are more regularly working at night and on weekends to reduce the number of people in the labs at any one time. (GettyImages/Andriy Onufriyenko)
Unity College in Maine will shift away from on-campus instruction toward a hybrid learning model that blends online coursework and class sessions in national parks, foreign countries and other locations.
A key to getting students to buy into COVID-era dining hall and foodservice adjustments at the University of Rochester is being open their ideas for adjusting service.
Tackling systemic racism and promoting social justice will be priorities for college and university leaders heading into the fall semester, a survey has found.
Simply asking students to monitor themselves for symptoms such as fevers and coughs may not be not sufficient for safely reopening campuses this fall. (GettyImages/eyecrave)
A component of digital literacy at Virginia Tech is encouraging students to be more productive and creative online. (GettyImages/Michael Hanson)
The University of New Haven will move various campus activities outdoors to prevent COVID transmissions when students return for the fall semester.
Bowdoin College will give all students iPads because the devices are particularly effective for teaching foreign languages, chemistry, math, physics, and economics. (GettyImages/Marc Romanelli)
The Interstate Passport model used in 17 states allows students to transfer credits based on learning outcomes rather than specific course descriptions. (GettyImages/Hill Street Studios)
An NYU marketing professor says campus leaders should strongly considering remaining fully online while COVID continues to spread rapidly. (GettyImages/CihatDeniz)
67% of respondents to a think tank's survey said that colleges and universities put their own interests ahead of students. Only 9% said schools prioritize students' interests. (GettyImages/Ungureanu Vadim/EyeEm)
Even while contending with COVID economy budget shortfalls, some colleges and universities are freezing tuition for the 2020-2021 school year. (GettyImages/Andy Sacks)
University of Central Florida students will be encouraged to take COVID self-check on the school's UCF Mobile app each time they head to campus this fall.
International students are willing to quarantine to study in the U.S. fall, but are looking to their colleges and universities to provide assistance with travel and logistics. (GettyImages/martin-dm)