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Melissa Ezarik

Future teachers at University of Houston got to experience a virtual job fair with local school districts participating.
Transforming an in-person event such as an etiquette dinner into a virtual event required out-of-the-box thinking by Albright College's career services team.
Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash
Pepperdine University's virtual campus tour features 360-degree photos, one feature of top-tier tours.
Photo by Silvia Brazzoduro on Unsplash
Former First Lady Michelle Obama, a notable speaker at the 2018 Simmons Leadership Conference, spoke with Simmons University President Helen Drinan on stage. Photo: Lisa Cohen
Postdoctoral student Shabnam Davoodi and research scientist Xinxin Yang helped their colleague Peter Tonge is his effort to donate lab-created hand sanitizer to Stony Brook University Hospital and Long Island State Veteran’s Home.
Primavera De Filippi will speak on blockchain in higher ed at UB Tech 2020. Photo Credit: lift16 by Ivo Naeflin,
Removing barriers for students can help them get started on and persist in their college journeys. Image: Chris Ryan
Accepting alternative payments means paying attention to regulations while working to meet student needs.
UB Tech 2020 keynote speaker Freeman A. Hrabowski III is president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
POLICY CLEANUP—Campus administrators will soon have a national resource for looking up policies in effect at other higher ed institutions.
Budgeting and financial management are top time-consuming duties for most CAOs. Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash
Even when a donor giving circle is formed independently, advancement administrators can guide and support the donor group.
While women in campus IT are often surrounded by men and experience gender bias, women can take steps to mitigate bias, to get ahead personally and improve their organizations as a whole. Image:, rudall30
When a nudge to apply for financial aid comes from a familiar counselor and a reply triggers additional support, research shows students are more likely to both complete their FAFSA paperwork and enroll in college straight from high school.