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Mark Rowh

(Photo by Johanna Buguet on Unsplash)
TRANSIT TRANSPARENCY—GPS tracking technology is used in Ohio University’s 14-passenger Ford E-350 Starcraft shuttle bus and in seven other transit vehicles on campus. The DoubleMap software allows anyone to view routes and real-time shuttle locations through web and mobile applications.
Image: Irina_Strelnikova
There are a number of higher education fraud protection strategies that colleges can adopt to prevent and detect embezzlement or other financial misdoings.
PINPOINT PRECISION—In an emergency, responders at Texas A&M-San Antonio would instantly have not only a building name, but also a floor level and the nearest office or classroom.
Five change management strategies for higher ed programs include following a structured process, avoiding a top-down approach, extending input beyond the faculty, gathering comprehensive data to share and exhibiting transparency.