Jodi Helmer

Betting on blockchain

A conversation with chief digital transformation evangelist Feng Hou addresses blockchain and how it can change record-keeping.

Leaving lectures behind

University of Nebraska professors share tips for moving to emporium-style learning in their UB Tech® session, "Rethinking Visual Communication Curriculum: The Success of an Emporium-Style Teaching Model."

Getting stakeholder support to build an esports program

This UB Tech session focuses on how to engage support from multiple campus departments, whose staffers will be integral in securing physical space, building tech infrastructure, coordinating professional development for coaches, and engaging in advocacy to promote competitive esports on campus.

How to introduce alternative payment methods

Five areas to consider when setting up digital payment options so students, families and supporters can easily pay for anything from tickets to tuition.

High school students in college: Where the classes are

The data on dual-enrollment program locations provides a road map for boosting enrollment.

Student loan cohort default rate update

Higher ed efforts such as improved academic advising and financial literacy lessons, plus an increase in scholarships and work-study programs, are making a difference in helping to ease the student loan crisis.

Plant-based meat meets the campus dining hall

Public awareness of “meatless meat” may be at an all-time high. And plant-based burgers and other protein alternatives are making a more frequent appearance on campus dining hall menus. 

New affordability promise helps families earning up to $200,000

In an effort to make tuition more affordable for middle-class Colorado families, Colorado College, a private liberal arts school, is introducing the Colorado Pledge.

Higher ed tech providers on AI in campus business processes

Experts discuss how much campus offices are using artificial intelligence for business process and what needs to happen for administrators to adopt more of this technology for business uses.

3 rules for using AI tools in campus business processes

Here’s how higher ed departments can move from strategy to practice with artificial intelligence.

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