A college president worried about the risks of dorm isolation. So he moved in. (subscription)

Dr. Mark C. Anarumo, a recent arrival to Norwich University, had decided that the best way to support students forced to quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic was to move into their dormitory.

He had been the one who gave the order for in-room quarantine, a decision he made, he said, with a feeling “between caution and dread.” He knew — because he had lived through it — that isolating students in their rooms put them in another kind of danger.

“So that’s when I decided, I’ve got to move into the dorm,” he said. Dr. Anarumo, 50, who retired from the Air Force in 2020 and has a doctorate in criminal justice, said he wanted to be treated like any other resident. That meant accepting the lone single that happened to be available, No. 512.

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