A 12-year-old genius soaring college: “I just get the information quickly”

Whip Smart Kids apply to Georgia Institute of Technology every year. But no one is like Caleb Anderson. He is 12 years old. “I’m not really smart,” he told correspondent Mark Strassmann. “I only get the information quickly, so the faster I learn, the faster I can move on.”

This elite engineering school recruited him and collapsed. Caleb looked at the lab and met the school principal, Angel Cabrera. “He’s a great candidate to join our program and be very successful,” Professor Mark Costello, chairman of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Department of Aerospace Engineering, told Strassman.

“Is his admission guaranteed?” Strassmann asked.

“I’m sure he will be recognized,” he replied.

Strathman asked Caleb’s parents Claire and Cobi Anderson, “How about touring college when your child is 12 years old?”

“I don’t think what Caleb did is normal for us,” Claire said.

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