Why this flagship university is eager to lure remote workers to its campus

Purdue University is offering newcomers cash stipends up to $4,000 and a dining credit.

One university is opening its doors, and all the amenities and activities its campus offers, to remote workers looking for a new home. As for the university itself, it’s trying to capture some additional revenue from a sector of the workforce that’s been growing rapidly during the pandemic.

Work From Purdue is being touted by the Indiana university as a first-of-its-kind program that incentivizes remote workers from outside the state to relocate to its Discovery Park District. The live/work community features research facilities alongside apartments, single-family homes and townhomes.

Purdue is offering newcomers cash stipends up to $4,000 and a $1,000 dining credit. The university’s sales pitch also points out that many of today’s cutting-edge companies have modeled their corporate complexes after college campuses—providing scenic views, cultural activities and fitness facilities and athletics.

“With pandemic-induced remote work giving people more freedom and control over where they can do their jobs, we’ve created a community to welcome newly mobile talent to the Purdue campus, where we aim to provide life-enhancing amenities and boundless opportunities for professional success,” says David Broecker, the chief innovation and collaboration officer for the Purdue Research Foundation.

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The new residents must work remotely full-time, currently live outside Indiana and commit to living in West Lafayette for at least one year. The size of the stipends and other incentives vary depending on where the remote workers choose to live.

They will have discounted access to the private offices and meeting rooms at Carr Workplaces in the university’s Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration. They will also be eligible for professional development and networking opportunities through Purdue Foundry, a startup incubator, and the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. Finally, the university is offering discounts on continuing education through Purdue Online and Purdue University Global.

Work From Purdue is being overseen by MakeMyMove, an Indianapolis-based community marketing platform that has already relocated 28 remote workers to West Lafayette in a pilot program. The company will manage applications, recruitment and candidate reviews.

Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick
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