UT Austin report: Intent of ‘Eyes of Texas’ song was not ‘overtly racist’

The University of Texas at Austin released a report on its alma mater “The Eyes of Texas,” examing the song’s lyrics and historical use. The report was gathered over the past several months by a team of 24 committee members made up of students, employees, and alumni, charged by the UT president to research the history of the song and its use. The findings led this committee “to surmise that intent of ‘The Eyes of Texas’ was not overtly racist.”

However, the committee notes that it is “similarly clear” the cultural setting in which the song was created and debuted was overtly racist.

“And the fact that the song was, for decades, sung and revered on a segregated campus has, understandably, blurred the lines between intent and historical and contemporary impact,” the committee wrote. “This complicates its understanding and explains how different people experienced the song in vastly different ways.”

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