Operational Efficiency

Reimagining “Doing More with Less” in the Business Office

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 18th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, a business and management expert, who’s also a university professor, will discuss how to look at “doing more with less” through a new lens, seeing it as an opportunity for innovation in the business office.

Operational Efficiency in Higher Education HR: Mastering the Art of Doing More with Less

Date & Time: Thursday, May 30th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute UB Ed Talk, learn how operational efficiency can transform your HR processes and save time by reducing unnecessary, manual work. We’ll discuss strategic improvements to make your institution more competitive in employee recruitment and establish a supportive work environment that encourages long-term retention. 

Right-Sizing and Democratizing Access: Strategic No-Code Tool Selection and Deployment in Higher Education

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 1st at 2 pm ET

This session will share insights from the University of Connecticut's experience in choosing tools that meet wide-ranging departmental needs while promoting an open-access policy to spur innovation and lessen the demand on support services. We'll dive into three critical strategies for a successful rollout: effective sizing, broadening access, and ensuring these efforts complement central IT’s objectives.  

Are institutions leveraging their alumni to their full potential? Here’s how they can

According to a 2020 alumni engagement survey, 62% of institutional stakeholders report that their top priority is to increase the number of engaged alumni. Here are several ways active alumni can boost an institution's overall success.

This R1 university doubles down on mergers to adapt to budget shortage

The merger is the second announced in two years, which the president believes is "part of a strategic repositioning of the entire WVU System for success in a challenging collegiate landscape."

Elite private colleges may be the only financially healthy segment 3 years from now

A new report by consulting firm Bain & Company is forecasting the majority of higher education to be in a tough financial spot three years from now due to a confluence of operational challenges affecting institutions.

Did emergency funding create a crutch for the Connecticut college system?

"We're about to fall off that cliff," said Higher Education Co-Chairman Gregg Haddad referring to the reliance the state system placed on one-time federal aid investments, such as the American Rescue Plan.

Technology investments hit steep declines in 2022 due to budget and faculty shortages

Schools are racing to replace 20-year-old administrative systems to modernize the faculty and student online experience, yet investments in cloud-based infrastructure dropped by double-digits in 2022, something Tambellini Group has never recorded before.

“A win-win” merger: Trocaire College acquires Medaille University

Citing pandemic issues and poor enrollment numbers, Buffalo-based Medaille University marks another private school in the Northeast too financially strapped to continue operations. Instead of closing, however, they're merging.

How Vermont is winning the fight against falling enrollment

Dedicated to embracing an evolving higher education landscape that's cost-effective, career-minded and digitally native, Vermont has begun to revitalize its once-flailling student body. Two big initiatives pushing this change are recent school mergers and a powerful free community college pipeline.

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