Ransomware attack shuts down Lewis & Clark Community College

Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey closed all their campuses this week and canceled all extra-curricular activities, including sports. The move was made after the director of information technology noticed suspicious activity last Tuesday and shut down the school’s computer network on Wednesday.

According to college president Ken Trzaska, hackers got into the network but never gained control.

“Ultimately the best thing to do was to shut down, allow us the opportunity and the experts the opportunity to get a really clear sense, okay, what’s happening here,” he said.

Trzaska said the college eventually received an email with a request for an amount of money but he wouldn’t say how much.

“That’s pretty crazy for a cyber attack to be able to shut down everything on this campus. There’s no sports, no nothing this whole week,” said Trey Hemminghaus, a student.

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