Now the tables are turned and students get to accept or reject colleges such as UCLA and USC

April marks the month when the tables turn in the college admissions season — a time when campuses hope that their dream students will accept them by the May 1 decision deadline.

Just as applicants pitched their high grades, rigorous course loads and extracurricular achievements and poured out heartfelt essays, colleges are now in sales mode. It’s their worrisome time to showcase the strength of their academic programs, diverse student clubs, campus facilities, alumni networks and financial aid to seal the deal with their carefully selected applicants.

“I think of it almost as a pendulum swinging,” said Gary Clark, UCLA’s director of undergraduate admission. “When students apply to colleges and universities, they spend that time between when they apply and when they hear their decisions kind of stressing and wondering: Who’s going to choose me? Now I have to sit back and wait to see who’s going to choose us.”

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