Michigan State University partners with local community college to strengthen transfer process

By: | March 25, 2021

Michigan State University and Lansing Community College have formalized a partnership that improves access to a four-year degree, increases student success and helps build a pipeline of talent to meet the needs of the Mid-Michigan economy.

The partnership, called Envision Green, provides a seamless transition from LCC to MSU by embedding MSU advisors within LCC to guide students through their educational journey — a transition more than 5,500 LCC students have made over the last decade. With this partnership in place, prospective LCC students can consider MSU from the start of their higher education journey. The affordability of the LCC-to-MSU path means a four-year-degree is an option for more people in the region — crucial for building and retaining an educated workforce in Michigan.

It is estimated that community colleges are the entry point for close to half of America’s post-secondary students, making this partnership a win-win for students, the institutions and the local community.

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