Interactive video content ideas and best practices

Here are some examples of content ideas for interactive video content as well as best practices that are already employed by various universities and colleges across the U.S.

  • Create ways for the professor and students to provide recorded or written feedback on the video
  • Embed a quiz at frequent intervals during the video
  • Use a glass chalkboard that allows the professor to face the students and make notations with a neon marker during a recorded lecture
  • Change activities on the video at least every ten minutes
  • Use a poll to record student reaction to the course material
  • Create a chatroom for the professor to discuss the material with the students during the video
  • Assign a case study for students to work on that offers recorded feedback

Link to main story: Creating an interactive video for distance learning courses

Sherrie Negrea, a writer based in Ithaca, New York, is a frequent contributor to UB.

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