Five major trends in online education to watch out for in 2021

The year 2020 has permanently changed the education of the future. Schools, universities and educational courses have moved online, causing an explosion in the EdTech segment. Researchers forecast that the development of 5G networks will remove most of the technological barriers and open access to online education for new users. Online education is different from traditional education, and my company’s analytical center has compiled the main trends of 2021. I want you to be prepared and to consider them in your educational programs for corporate and personal development.

Applied Learning

The new creed is that practice is more important than theory. To be successful and demanded in the job market, you should not just know stuff, you should be able to do stuff. Potential employers are not interested in what applicants know about using social media for business development; rather, employers want to see that possible hires know how to put it into practice. India, one of the most competitive labor markets and also a market with a huge potential for online learning, implemented the applied approach to education in its new National Education Policy. In education, this means that more courses are based on the principle of learning by doing, rather than studying theory, and then maybe doing one or two practical exercises.

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