Driving Enrollment Growth With a Cloud-Based SIS

Streamlining business processes and automating operations

Higher ed is under pressure to do more with less. Some schools are seeking to grow enrollment and revenues while maintaining or even reducing administrative overhead. This can be challenging for smaller institutions, which may lack the resources and knowledge base of larger universities.

In this web seminar, a leader from Bene’s Career Academy in Florida described how the institution was able to double its enrollment and add a new campus, while reducing many administrative tasks and costs, streamlining processes, and automating operations by implementing a cloud-based SIS.


Alex Arthur
V.P. Sales
and Marketing

Dave Bracken
Chief Operations Officer
Bene’s Career Academy (Fla.)

Alex Arthur: Today’s students are doing a lot more research before deciding on a school. How do we get this information to these prospects quickly so they can make informed decisions? Immediate access to information is key to being able to get to Generation Z. We have to think outside of the box and start thinking of different platforms that can keep prospects engaged.

Dave Bracken: Our goal was to take all of what we did, put it all together, and look for a solution set that would allow us to run everything from A to Z. We found Orbund. What we loved was the ability to do everything from beginning to end—all in one system and all cloud based.

When a prospect fills out our web form, it goes into Orbund. Based on the campus location or which admissions officer is working on that particular day, Orbund automatically emails the right person with all the information about the prospect, triggers an automatic response system and does drip marketing.

Once a student is ready for enrollment, everything is electronic, from the registration process through to the graduation ceremony. The admissions process brings each student into the SIS, and finds out what program they’re interested in, their start date and their tuition. Everything associated with that student is all in Orbund. Our document management is also integrated, as well as our compliance reporting, automated procedures and system for tracking students after graduation.

Again, this is all cloud based. It’s built for web interfaces and web portals, and the pricing model allows for an unlimited number of student and teacher portals. All of these steps are designed to increase the efficiency of my staff and instructors and to increase the usability of the system by my students.

We’re able to import our ISIR files, which allows us to build our prospect pool from the ISIR records and will enable us to create the demographic information needed for iPads. So we’re populating data fields that we need for our compliance reports based on ISIR.

After 3 1/2 years, our Orbund system is used at three campuses. Our teachers are all grading papers electronically. Students do everything electronically. I don’t have paper in my world anymore.

To watch this web seminar in its entirety, please visit UBmag.me/ws022520

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