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Protect Your Campus With a Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Approach

In this web seminar, presenters discussed how to implement a zero-trust cybersecurity approach through a combination of clear policies, strategic use of technology and effective training. Sponsored content by Microsoft.

Driving Enrollment Growth With a Cloud-Based SIS

In this web seminar, a leader from Bene’s Career Academy in Florida described how the institution was able to double its enrollment and add a new campus, while reducing many administrative tasks and costs, streamlining processes, and automating operations by implementing a cloud-based SIS. Sponsored content by Orbund.

UB Survey Results: Improving Campus Mail Center Operations

This web seminar addressed the results from a subscriber survey that University Business recently conducted on the variety of challenges that have been created by continued increases in online ordering. Sponsored content by Pitney Bowes.

UB Survey Results: Higher Ed IT Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

This web seminar explored the results of a new UB subscriber survey, which covered using IT resources to meet future challenges, allocating budgets across the run-grow-transform spectrum of priorities and managing technology to grow and transform institutions. Sponsored content by TeamDynamix.

How to Improve Campus Facilities Maintenance and Operations

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Driving Institutional Success Through Data Analytics

Practical data tools and analytics strategies enable institutions to make more effective decisions, gain clearer visibility into finances, gauge long-term sustainability, and use insight...

CIO Panel: Evaluating ECM for the Higher Ed Technology Stack

Register to watch this prerecorded webinar featuring a panel discussion about the CIO role in higher education, the technologies available, the unique uses of...

Infographic: Which technology ecosystem will shape the digital future of higher ed?

Four of the biggest technology companies—Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Apple—are competing to provide the dominant “ecosystem” for higher education, housing all the data across...

Understanding 529 Plans: Equipping Students and Parents for Success

Institutions are struggling to help students find new ways to pay for tuition and fees. At the same time, 529 savings plans are becoming...

Deliver Like Disney: Omni-Channel Marketing for Student Recruitment

In this webcast, experts from Liaison discussed how to transform a recruitment strategy into one that delivers, using some of the omni-channel marketing tactics that world-class companies like Disney utilize so effectively. Sponsored content by Liaison.

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